How to play Brutal Doom on Mac OSX

Doom is the classic ’90s first person shooter from iD Software. It was originally written for DOS and Windows. Brutal Doom is a mod (modification) for Doom and Doom 2 that enhances the game; more violent, more animated and more exciting.

You’ll need:

  • GZDoom a Mac version of Doom
  • doom.wad and/or doom2.wad - these are the game data files. One way you can buy them is through Steam
  • Brutal Doom

How to:

  1. Launch GZDoom, quit
  2. In the Finder: Shift-Command-g
  3. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/GZDoom
  4. Copy your doom.wad and/or doom2.wad here
  5. Copy brutal19.pk3 here
  6. Launch GZDoom. You should see Doom and Doom 2 as options in the launcher window.
  7. hit browse button and select brutal19.pk3
  8. You should see text in your Additional Parameter window.
  9. Select one of the Doom games and enjoy!
Written on July 2, 2015